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Daltex Winter Quartz 1-3mm

We offer the widest range of colours in the UK - and now Total Resin Solutions have stunning new blends available throughout the year. Our commitment to you is that we will always have 100% stock availability. We are always available to supply aggregates nationwide providing express delivery service to the majority of the country.

Daltex Winter Quartz 1-3mm

Daltex Winter Quartz 1-3mm

Daltex Winter Quartz 1-3mm is a hard, angular quartz gravel with naturally bright, light colours which include flecks of cream, yellow and grey which is sometimes mixed with the Winter Quartz 2-5mm to give a smooth, warm finish.

Other gravels can be mixed in to increase the character of this mix. This gravel looks especially decorative when mixed with Daltex Golden Quartz, Red or Yellow.

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